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Residents in the Horwich area of Bolton have spoken of their utter disgust at the covering of a lamp post poppy commemorating 100 years since the end of the first world war.

A property developer already under fire in Salford by residents fighting against the development of the old Swinton sewage works, has today been branded disgusting and sick by residents in Bolton.

Street Lamp Poppies have become and increasingly popular way to publicly commemorate our war dead and as the nation comes together to mark the end of the atrocities of the first world war, more and more of them have popped up along the roadside.

However, residents in an area of Bolton, were shocked to find that someone acting on behalf of the housing developer had shamelessly covered one of the tributes up in order to advertise its Barton Quarter development launch in Horwich.

Bellway have now said that the sign was put up by a contractor and that they have instructed them to take it back down, however they are a little late in acting as someone has already took it upon themselves to remove it.

Responding to the Living in BL Facebook group they replied:


We’ve made all the relevant people at Bellway aware and they are dealing with it. They have instructed the signage company to take them down immediately as soon as possible.

When I have an update I will get it to you.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention.”



Some have called the placement of the sign insulting, others have said it is both deplorable and sickening.

One resident said:



"It is simply the desecration of a memorial that has been placed there to honour those brave armed forces personnel who gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom.

"To cover it up in this way is not only heartbreaking to see but it is an utterly deplorable act and Bellway should be totally ashamed."


Meanwhile residents in Swinton have been locked in a battle against Bellway after they claim a 241 home development has brought misery to the surrounding area and seen hundreds of trucks trying to navigate up and down what were once quiet streets in a leafy residential area.


A local campaign group forced Bellway and Salford Council into a meeting last month.


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