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A local campaign group have met with representatives from both Bellway Homes and Salford City Council this morning (17/10/18), the meeting had been arranged in order to allow the group to voice their concerns over what has been described by some residents as a "living nightmare" being brought to their area.

The issues rose after Salford Council gave the go ahead to a 241 home development on the former site of the old Swinton sewage works, despite over 330 residents in the area raising objections against it. This has led to many residents within the community left feeling angry, frustrated and ignored.

But no more.... they are now fighting back to save their neighbourhood.

The quickly expanding group of plucky residents have been drawn together by what they feel is a necessity to protest against the development, which they claim has seen the previously quiet roads outside their homes turn into an access route for trucks carrying heavy machinery and hardcore to the site.

With noise levels from the site bringing constant misery from the early hours of the morning til well into the evening, it is reportedly now starting to have an effect on the health and mental well-being of those close to the epicentre.

Over 30 determined campaigners stood in the cold waving banners and placards outside Swinton Civic Centre this morning as five representatives from their group met inside with representatives from Bellway Homes, Salford Council and various contractors and councillors.


Salford Voice first visited the area not long before the building started and upon our return earlier this week, we were shocked at just how much things have been affected. The previously sleepy little road is now inundated with the sheer volume of trucks trying to navigate them. Roads which we should add that were never designed to carry such traffic loads.

Our cameras were sadly not allowed into the meeting but we did manage to catch up with veteran campaigner and group member Barry Woodling who had much to say about the impact it was having, citing the noise, air pollution as well as the physical well-being of those in the surrounding area. Barry called for a rethink on the access to the development and for a second route to be opened up on Folly Lane.

At the meeting the group had its chance to put across the feelings of local people opposed to the development and they made sure they did not waste it.


Group Chair Carol Boyce hit them hard with a powerful power-point presentation highlighting video and photographic evidence of incidents as well as traffic violations which residents have recorded.

The group outlined their issues and further bolstered them with facts and figures showing clearly just how the development has been affecting the road and surrounding areas.

Speaking after the meeting, Carol said:


"Its not just about what's happening down at Campbell road fields, its about everyone coming together to change the culture around how planning applications are done and approved in all of Greater Manchester"

It was however revealed that the misery is set to continue as some 600+ trucks are expected to access the site in the near future.


The meeting was scheduled to last 2 hours but overran as the groups five representatives carefully laid out their position, eventually coming to a close with both the Council and Bellway retiring to take stock of what they had seen and heard with a promise by Bellway to give a response to the group by this Friday 17/10/18.

We shall keep you informed, in the meantime be sure to check out the Salford Star's story on this over on http://www.salfordstar.com/article.asp?id=4768, support local media in your area.


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