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Litter louts who throw rubbish from a vehicle face a fine in Salford.  

Salford City Council is using new legislation, which was introduced in April this year, in a bid to keep the streets clean.

The law now allows the council to fine the keeper of a vehicle £150 if it is has reason to believe any of its occupants have discarded litter.

The new regulations also mean that people seen dropping rubbish can now be fined up to £150 on the spot, almost double the previous charge of £80.

And the council is using legislation to increase the fine for people not cleaning up dog mess. They offence will now cost up to £100.

Signs for both offences will be put up in prominent locations to warn potential offenders.

Councillor David Lancaster, Lead Member for Environment and Community Safety at Salford City Council, said: 



“There is a small minority of people who drop litter and it causes us a huge problem. It is the same with dog mess, a small number of thoughtless people who do not pick it up causes a problem for the rest of the people. 

“Littering add nearly 250 tonnes of rubbish to our streets each year at the expense of the taxpayer. This money could be better spent on services that really benefit communities.

“The rubbish we collect off the streets is on top of all the litter our amazing community groups and volunteers clean up each year to keep their areas and parks clean.

“Thankfully the new law means we can now target the owners of vehicles whose passengers drop litter. We will continue to tackle those who litter and who do not pick up dog mess.

“We will use our 130 public space CCTV cameras and CCTV control room to help us with this.”


The council is training staff on how to report incidents they come across while working in neighbourhoods.

Members of the public can support the campaign by reporting incidents to the council through the website https://www.salford.gov.uk/bins-and-recycling/report-fly-tipping-graffiti-litter-and-dog-fouling/

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