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Winds and Heavy Rain causes problems across the City

OK it is hardly on the scale of Hurricane Irma but Salford and Manchester have been whipped today by very strong winds with gusts of 55-65 mph, reportedly reaching as high as 75 mph in some more exposed places. The winds and rain look set to stay with us over the next 24 hours as they run into Tuesday and possibly even as far into Wednesday morning.

Weather Forecast MapsWind speed, 10 m above ground, 53°35'N 2°44'W, 2017/09/11 13:00 (UTC+01:00), © VentuSky.com

Drivers heading along Weaste Lane in errr Weaste were greeted by the sight of a fallen tree blocking the road and causing damage to the fence of the newly constructed St Luke's CofE building.


There has been localised flooding along many roads causing drivers to come to a crawl in some areas and pedestrians to run for cover from getting a drenching. The East Lancs and Motorways have surface water on them which is causing problems, so make sure you take care and keep slow if you are heading onto them today.

The River Irwell had higher than normal levels but still had a bit to go before breaching its banks, the new flood defenses in place should in theory prevent another re run of the floods which caused misery for many a few years ago.



Meanwhile fences were damaged and sheds flipped on their roofs as the winds whipped up, with further outbreaks of strong wind and rain predicted for tomorrow.

Alas no article about a windy day would be complete without an obligatory photo of an upside down shed, so not wanting to disapoint......



Weather forecasters say the misery is not over as a second storm will be hitting the area by midweek so it looks for the moment that it will be more of the same and a bit of a damp week.

As always stay safe folks.

Photo by Daz Houghton & Mark Davison


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