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In the wake of the tragic tower block fire which has so far been confirmed to have killed, Salix issues the following statement with regards to safety.

We are all terribly saddened by the tragic fire at the tower block in London this morning and our thoughts are with all the victims and everyone affected.

As I'm sure you’re aware, Salix Homes owns 17 tower blocks across Salford and as can be expected we have received several calls from tenants this morning who are concerned about fire safety in their home.

I’d just like to provide you with a brief update of the advice we have offered to our customers which you can share with your constituents in case if you do have any concerns raised with yourselves.

We’ve reassured all residents living in our high rise buildings that all our tower blocks meet strict Fire Safety Regulations and we carry out regular inspections and risk assessments, alongside fire safety assessors, to ensure the safety of our customers.

Several of our tower blocks have recently undergone multi-million pound improvements and this includes the enhancement of fire safety measures and we also provide and fit smoke detectors in all our properties.

We've urged customers to familiarise themselves with the Fire Safety information that’s published in all our communal buildings. We've also recently issued a new Home Safety Guide offering advice and guidance for customers in the event of a fire.

If customers would like a copy of the booklet, or require their smoke alarms to be tested or fitted, you can ask them to contact us on 0800 218 2000 or email enquiries@salixhomes.org

The safety of our customers is our utmost priority and we are confident that the safety procedures we have in place will keep our customers safe. However, following the tragic incident in London, we will now be working with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and Greater Manchester Housing Providers to look at any lessons that can be learnt.

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