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Unbelievably people were spotted trying to light fresh fires at Healey Nab

Arsonists have been spotted lighting fresh fires by a United Utilities helicopter as it assisted firefighters on the ground tackling the raging moorland fire that has decimated parts of Winter Hill.

Tony Crook, area manager for Lancashire Fire Service, said:



 “A United Utilities helicopter which was dropping off water at Healey Nab found people lighting fires in the vicinity in the area where the fire was already burning.”

“They alerted us here, we called the officers in the police helicopter nearby and they apprehended somebody. In a separate incident, fire crews near Scout Moor Road had to stamp out a fire which they saw people lighting, in an unmolested part of the vegetation.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking. All these people are deployed for the safety of people, never mind the damage to the environment It causes.”


The helicopter was circling over an area of grassland known as Healey Nab which is a wooded area some 7KM away from Winter Hill. 

Mr Crook went on to say: 



"As they've been trying to extinguish the fire, people have been seen lighting other grass fires in the vicinity," he added.

"Police are now attending that scene, to try to apprehend those arsonists.

"It absolutely astounds me."


The public is being urged to keep away from the area as firefighters tackle the fire, earlier today GMP warned people to stop flying drones over the area as they could come into conflict with the helicopters being used to extinguish the flames.


One man had to be rescued this morning after he ignored advice and was overcome by smoke inhalation, the man referred as 'Johnny' (Not his real name) by the police; had crossed police tape and ventured to Pike Tower.


Earlier this week on Tuesday evening, police had to warn sightseers from flooding into the area as they were causing issues with fire appliances trying to reach the fire.

Johny Photo: Chorley Police

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