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Planning For Our Future Together - As a political party with the community at its heart, CO:RE aims to ensure that the people have a voice and have a choice in shaping their futures and their families futures.

After yesterday evenings announcement that a new political party has been set up in Irlam & Cadishead (see post bellow), Darren Goulden outlines his parties goals.

For too long the communities of Irlam & Cadishead have been left feeling let down and underrepresented in local government relying on others to carry the baton.

It’s time for change, it’s time to revolutionise community politics.

We want to give the community the chance to control their own destiny. We feel this is how democracy should work - discussed, debated and decisions made by the people, for the people.

With Core values established from the outset we will ensure the community remains central in everything we achieve, with policies and a manifesto written by the community for the community.

Darren Goulden announced as the first CO:RE Councillor to stand in next Mays local elections commented:



“Having lived in the area for nearly all of my 50 years I couldn't see the area and the people ignored any longer, enough is enough. We need a new way of doing things, a new party that can represent the community properly with the community at its heart.

"We need to revolutionise local politics, bring in better, more modern ways of communicating with the younger generation and the community as a whole.

"We deserve better. This is our community, this is our livelihoods, this is our future and its time someone stood up to make this change happen, that is what I intend to do”

"It’s clear the traditional models of top down governance are no longer fit for purpose. We are clear as a party that in our community, decisions should be made closer to the people affected by them.

"We want to give our community their voice back and ensure they have the representation they deserve.  We want to give this community the chance to control its own destiny.

"We believe the Community Revolution Party is now the people’s choice.

"We believe everyone should have a CO:RE"


Come and join us.

Planning For Our Future Together.

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