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Whilst you await the return of HBO's Game of Thrones why not catch up with Salford's very own epic 'LIVE' power struggle?

Once more good humble folks of Salfordshire, tis that time again to watch in awe as apologies for absence are made, revel in all the declarations of interests and notice all the motions your noggins can handle.

A story of a man who knows nothing and several others who know even less, discussing important things but in a mundane and totally uninteresting way. Yes folks it can only be one thing, it's time for Salford Council's Full Meeting again.

We can't promise a hot blonde riding nude upon the back of a dragon but we guarantee (terms and conditions apply) you will be screaming 'Hold The Door' as you try to get away from the Grey Walkers pretty quick sharp.

So if Appointment of Representatives to Outside Bodies 2017/18 is your thing, or you get your kicks from the Statement of the Elected City Mayor, then this is must watch telly for you.

I know for sure I just can't ruddy get enough of it. Enjoy. Meeting Starts at 9:30am. Click to play.

We will post the video on here once the live broadcast has ended.


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