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The results of Salford’s local elections (May 2018) have been announced.


The political makeup of the council: 49 Labour, 10 Conservative, 1 Independent

45,748 votes were cast – and the turn out was 25.89%.

The count was carried out at the AJ Bell Stadium.

The results in each ward are as follows:  (*denotes sitting candidate; bold denotes winner)


Barton Ward

Rhona Eva Elizabeth Cowan Brown  Liberal Democrats 76

David Henry Jolley*  Labour Party 1348

Eileen Anne Macdonald   The Conservative Party Candidate 396

Jennifer Elizabeth Mellish   Green Party 111

Janice Snelgrove   UK Independence Party (UKIP) 170

Majority 952

Turnout 22.85%

Total votes  2110

Void votes 9


Boothstown and Ellenbrook Ward

Jillian Rose Collinson* The Conservative Party Candidate 1457

Phil Cusack  Labour Party 906

Ian Alexander McKinlay  Liberal Democrats 87

Morvern Ann Rennie  Green Party 75

Arthur Snelgrove UK Independence Party (UKIP) 57

Majority 551

Turnout 34.08%

Total votes  2586

Void votes 4


Broughton Ward

Paul Geoffrey Dean  Liberal Democrats 90

David Jones  Green Party 141

Gillian Mary Balmer MacKenzie  The Conservative Party Candidate 369

John David Merry * Labour Party 1492

Nicola Williamson  UK Independence Party (UKIP) 135

Majority 1123

Turnout 22.19%

Total votes  2237

Void votes 10


Cadishead Ward

Catherine Bisbey  The Conservative Party Candidate 461

Diane Cawood   Green Party 128

Marcus Graham  Independent 752

Joan Walsh  Labour Party 959

Benjamin Edward John Web  Liberal Democrats 31

Majority 207

Turnout 28.71%

Total votes  2332

Void votes 1


Claremont Ward

Mary Ferrer  Independent 200

Stef Lorenz  Liberal Democrats 406

Neil Andrew Reynolds*   Labour Party 1167

Daniel James Towers  Green Party 117

Charlotte Annaliese Woods The Conservative Party Candidate 473

Majority 694

Turnout 28.68%

Total votes  2372

Void votes 9


Eccles Ward

Helen Alker   Green Party 185

Keith Carter Hallam   UK Independence Party (UKIP) 134

David William Hotchkin   The Conservative Party Candidate 638

Matt Kilsby  Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 23

Guy Nicholas Otten   Liberal Democrats 169

Michael Joseph Wheeler*  Labour Party 1748

Majority 1110

Turnout 31.33%

Total votes  2902

Void votes 5


Irlam Ward

James Karl Blessing  Liberal Democrats 48

Darren John Goulden  Independent 769

Roger Jones * Labour and Co-operative Party 936

James Mount   The Conservative Party Candidate 357

Majority 167

Turnout 30.28%

Total votes  2116

Void votes 6


Irwell Riverside Ward

Max Philip Dowling   The Conservative Party Candidate 189

Jane Elizabeth Hamilton* Labour Party 1053

Jonathan David Marsden   UK Independence Party (UKIP) 97

Wendy Kay Olsen   Green Party 178

Valerie Elizabeth Smith   Liberal Democrats 78

Majority 864

Turnout 19.98%

Total votes  1601

Void votes 6


Kersal Ward

Ann-Marie Humphreys * Labour Party 910

Ari Leitner   The Conservative Party Candidate 1660

Stuart Oxbrow   Green Party 94

John Terrence Roberts   UK Independence Party (UKIP) 70

Lucas Kane Webber   Liberal Democrats 78

Majority 750

Turnout 32.6%

Total votes  2821

Void votes 9


Langworthy Ward

Stacey Olsen  UK Independence Party (UKIP) 147

Jake Overend  Liberal Democrats 183

Ian Pattinson   Green Party 147

Craig Thompson   The Conservative Party Candidate 202

John David Warmisham * Labour Party 1055

Majority 853

Turnout 19.54%

Total votes  1741

Void votes 7


Little Hulton Ward

Nathan Ian James   The Conservative Party Candidate 461

Colette Weir* Labour Party 1186

Lee Andrew Westley   Liberal Democrats 113

Majority 725

Turnout 19.13%

Total votes  1771

Void votes 11


Ordsall Ward

Tanya Burch*  Labour Party 1583

John Brian Frederick Grant  Liberal Democrats 215

Joshua Nelson  The Conservative Party Candidate 367

Emma Sarah Louise Van Dyke  Green Party 263

Majority 1216

Turnout 19.26%

Total votes  2448

Void votes 20


Pendlebury Ward

Dorothy Chapman  The Conservative Party Candidate 531

Alastair Ian Dewberry  Green Party 79

Sophia Linden  Labour Party 1262

Seamus Martin  UK Independence Party (UKIP) 147

Beth Waller  Liberal Democrats 151

Majority 731

Turnout 24.05%

Total votes  2175

Void votes 5


Swinton North Ward

Andy Cheetham  The Conservative Party Candidate 513

Bill Hinds* Labour Party 1385

Andy Olsen  UK Independence Party (UKIP) 168

Adam John Thomas Slack  Liberal Democrats 91

Liam Waite  Green Party 131

Majority 872

Turnout 27.34%

Total votes  2292

Void votes 4


Swinton South Ward

Adam Robert Carney  The Conservative Party Candidate 491

Stuart James Dickman Labour Party 1185

Craig Holmes  English Democrats –“Putting England First!” 163

Jade Elizabeth O’Neil  Liberal Democrats 103

Joe O’ Neill  Social Democratic Party 130

Nicola Smith  Green Party 137

Majority 694

Turnout 26.56%

Total votes  2216

Void votes 7


Walkden North Ward

Diana Joy Battersby  Green Party 114

Adrian Brocklehurst* Labour and Co-operative Party 1201

Bernard Gill  UK Independence Party (UKIP) 148

Joseph Benjamin Harmer  Liberal Democrats 73

James William Ian Macdonald  The Conservative Party Candidate 421

Majority 780

Turnout 21.49%

Total votes  1961

Void votes 4


Walkden South Ward

Anne Broomhead  The Conservative Party Candidate 1157

David Allan Cowpe  Liberal Democrats 113

Thomas Dylan  Green Party 159

Laura Elizabeth Edwards  Labour Party 1460

Majority 303

Turnout 35.30%

Total votes  2895

Void votes 6


Weaste and Seedley Ward

Barrie Michael Fallows  UK Independence Party (UKIP) 205

Andy Markham  Liberal Democrats 147

Rob Stephenson Green Party 134

Nicky Turner  The Conservative Party Candidate 390

Ronnie Wilson* Labour and Co-operative Party 1302

Majority 912

Turnout 23.52%

Total votes  2185

Void votes 7


Winton Ward

George Andrew Darlington  The Conservative Party Candidate 417

Sally Griffiths  Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 46

Margaret Ann Morris* Labour Party 1323

Jenna Louise Murray  Green Party 129

Brian Norman Robinson  UK Independence Party (UKIP) 116

Stuart David Thomas  Liberal Democrats 53

Majority 906

Turnout 23.09%

Total votes  2091

Void votes 7


Worsley Ward

Christopher Bertenshaw  Green Party 158

Tony Davies  Labour Party 841

Sara Patricia Ryder  Liberal Democrats 185

Les Turner  The Conservative Party Candidate 1705

Majority 864

Turnout 35.56%

Total votes  2896

Void votes 7

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