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    After an initial stop off at a slightly lesser known City (namely Manchester), Corbyn headed to the real Labour heartland of Salford Precinct? (It used to have a market y'know) to be greeted by a large crowd which had assembled patiently and conveniently for me, in front of the hot dog trailer. Amongst that crowd was none other than Labour City Mayor Paul Dennett who was happily mingling with both party members and locals, whilst giving interviews to more or less anyone who asked him for one. I think he clocked me so I buggered off quickly before he could collar me about whinging about bins on SalfordOnline so much. Paul seemed to be enjoying himself and from the amount of people coming over to shake his hand and speak to him I think its safe to say he was in his element. Eventually Jeremy turned up (fashionably late) to rousing applause and proceeded to take his place on the podium (Concrete Stump), along with Paul and Salford MP / loyal supporter and confidant Rebecca Long Bailey. Echoing his speech earlier in Manchester, Corbyn outlined the key areas of the Labour manifesto which he hopes will tempt voters to come out in support of the party in the elections this coming June. The general message was 'For the Many, Not the Few'. Which I am pretty much sure was also a line used in a Star Trek film but it was a good one and it seemed to be well received. Jeremy told the crowd that he knew the scale of what they had to do, and that it was up to Labour to reach out to the sceptical and undecided in society. Spock Corbyn went on to tell them how Britain was the sixth richest country in the world and that the wealthiest in society benefited far more than the workers who were being held back by the governments crippling austerity measures. Those who were present seemed to be lapping up his words and were cheering loudly at the end of his speech, however not all present were convinced he is the man for the job. A few who were passing through from Tesco to the Precinct were bemused by it all and one lady said she had no idea who he was as she doesn't follow politics. A man at the back of the crowd shouted loudly that he was 'Not Labour' and that 'Labour no longer represented the people'. He was quickly challenged by those around him with one person asking if he would prefer to have Tony Blair back. Over all the mood from the crowd was enthusiastically buoyant, most people I spoke too agreed that it was a long steep climb to get Labour back into power; but were adamant that it could be done and that it was achievable. Others however were not too sure that Labour could pull back its losses over such a short time frame. "The news media are clearly biased, just look at the crowd assembled and listen to the words Jeremy is speaking and then go home tonight and watch a totally fabricated version of it on telly" said Dan from Bolton who had travelled especially to see Corbyn's speech. Love him or loath him, Jeremy certainly polarises views not only amongst voters but from those within his party, its safe to say his rise to the top has not come without its challenges or those who have tried to derail his leadership. But here he is and according to press reports here he is staying as apparently he has no intention of quitting should Labour loose the coming election. And then, as swiftly as he had arrived, like a bat out of hell he was gone. A quick chat with those in the crowds and a whole lot of hand shaking, Jeremy hoped back onto his bright red battle bus and headed off on the next steps on his campaign trail. Two other rock solid safe seats, Ashton and Wythenshawe. Video Copyright: Daniel Hewitt @DanielHewittITV

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