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This month's free Salford Astronomical Society public lecture is on the topic of astrobiology.

For all those interested in science and the universe, Salford Astronomical Society is to hold a free Public lecture this Wednesday 14th February.

The venue is Swinton Gateway and it will start at 7:30pm.

The talk is to be given by Phil Williams and will be entitled "astrobiology - a toe in the water", an introduction into the science of Astrobiology.

Everyone is welcome and all of their lectures are always free to members and to the public.

Tony 'StarMan' Flynn took a visit to the observatory a few years back to have a look around.

Salford Astronomical Society holds regular public lectures on a variety of astronomical subjects and is based out of the observatory on Chasley Field, next to Buile Hill School. They welcome both new members and inquisitive minds.


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