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Fog warning issued for Salford and Greater Manchester.

The UK Met Office has advised that there is a Yellow Warning for Fog in the region, and it's not expected to lift fully until around mid morning.

A thick blanket of the murky stuff is expected to cover much of Salford and visibility could be reduced to as little as 80m in some areas.

Drivers are advised to take care on the roads, use fog lights when needed and be on the look out for people on bikes, pedestrians crossing roads and other road hazards like cats and stray zombies.

Temperatures for tomorrow are not expected to reach above 6C and in some areas could reach no more than 2C so wrap up warm as its going to be a cold one.

Fog is also a convenient cover for those who would take it as an opportunity to steal from you, so ensure you have locked all doors and windows of your home and that sheds and cars are secure.  You never know when the tax man is about.


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