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The thieves struck like lightning on Saturday as one youngster stood watch over both his and a friend's bike as he popped into a local shop.

If you are offered a 'bargain' bike similar to that in the photo below then take note that in all likelihood it is stolen, the distinctive back mountain bike with lime green flashing was taken from outside a Premier Shop on Grasmere Crescent in Winton on Saturday the 14th of April. However, the theft was caught on local CCTV.

The young lad had nipped into the shop as his friend stood guard over their bikes when the thieves struck out of the blue. As you can see clearly in the video, both thieves rolled up on the same bike,  as they came to a stop one of the thieves dressed in a black Nike tracksuit with a distinctive yellow JD sports bag on his back, jumped off, ran over, grabbed the bike and rode off on it. All within a matter of seconds.


The owner of the bike was left sickened and upset after seeing the CCTV footage so if anyone has any further information that could name the pair who stole it then please get in touch with police on 101, likewise if you have been offered this bike then take note that it is stolen and now too hot to handle as the video has been shared across social media platforms as well as on this site.

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