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Works has commenced on the dismantlement of the historic gas holders on Liverpool Street.

It is often said that you are not truly a Salfordian unless you have listened to Ewan MacColl's 'Dirty Old Town' at least once in your life. The song has overtime become the anthem of our City.

The world famous song gives mention to the gasworks in the line "I found my love by the gasworks croft, Dreamed a dream by the old canal..."

But alas, despite a campaign to save them, the iconic twin metal framework of the old gas holders at the top end of Liverpool Street has now begun and pretty soon they will no longer be feature on the Salford sky line.

The historic structure once maintained a steady supply of that new fingle fangled gas to the surrounding areas of Salford but those days are now long past due to advances in how our gas supply is distributed.

And so as the site is now destined to become part of a shiny new housing development thanks to its strategic position between both Manchester City Centre and Media City/SalfordQuays, we say goodbye to our rusty old friend, destined to suffer the same fate which has befell so many of our local historical monuments in the name of progress and redevelopment. Not all is lost though, the surrounding wall is to remain but that is about all we will have to remember it by.

It was quite apt that whilst taking our final photo one of Salford's mighty 'Ship Canal Eagles' flew into frame to bid them both a final farewell.


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