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Over 70 projects in Greater Manchester have received funding from the £120,000 Greater Manchester Police Giving Back initiative.

Giving Back takes money seized from criminal activity and gives it back to the local community. It gives local residents the power to vote at a public event on which groups and projects should receive the money, in order to help them tackle antisocial behaviour in their neighbourhoods. 

So far, GMP has received 130 funding applications from local community groups for the 12 events that have been held across Greater Manchester.

Chief Superintendent Paul Savill from Greater Manchester Police said: 



“It’s extremely inspiring to see the local community working together to find solutions to local problems that really matter to them.

“We recognise the excellent work that’s already being done by local community groups but it’s incredibly rewarding to me and my colleagues to know this work is strengthened by money taken from criminal activity going back to the heart of our communities. The Giving Back initiative provides us with an excellent opportunity to build on this work and support local people to tackle the issues that matter to them, so we can continue to create a happier, healthier and safer place to live, work and enjoy.”


Some of the great projects which have already benefited from Giving Back funding include an art project to improve the look of the local area and discourage graffiti whilst giving young people the chance to work with local artists and improve their creative skills and a local homework club which supports young people with their homework in an enjoyable way as well as providing trips during school holidays for children who would not otherwise have the opportunity.

For more information on the Giving Back initiative visit: http://www.gmp.police.uk/givingback  

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