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Statement from Chief Superintendent Graeme Openshaw, Head of GMP's Specialist Operations Branch, ahead of the Parklife festival this weekend. 

Greater Manchester Police have issued a statement today with advice and reassurances for the upcoming Park Life Festival at Heaton Park.

Chief Superintendent Graeme Openshaw, who will be overseeing the festival’s policing operation, said:


“This weekend, we’re looking forward to welcoming almost 80,000 of festivalgoers from around the UK to Heaton Park for what is set to be a busy weekend for the city. 

“People will be making their way to the festival on Saturday morning, which may mean that there’s a lot of people in the city centre and on public transport so please follow messages and advice from our colleagues at Transport for Greater Manchester so you can plan your journey accordingly. 

“We’re also working closely with other partner agencies to make sure that everyone can enjoy the weekend safely and the event itself runs smoothly. 

“As with any large event, you’ll see officers on the ground in and around the event – we’re very experienced in dealing with high profile events like Parklife and the last few years have passed without issue. 

“We’re there to make sure you have a good time so feel free to stop and say hello, take a picture with officers or talk to them about any concerns you have. In the event of an emergency, always call 999.” 


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