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Salford residents are being asked to work with the local council and police to help put the brakes on illegal motorcycle and off-road bike nuisance. 

Complaints about illegal and inconsiderate riders putting people in fear and spoiling the enjoyment of local beauty spots have risen in the last few weeks and Salford City Council says it wants to nip it in the bud. Recent reports on social media include Lower Kersal, Broughton, Pendleton, Albert Park and the new flood basin off Littleton Road.

Now Salford City Council is urging residents to provide the information needed to get the riders off the road by reporting problems to one central point.

Last year a joint operation between Salford City Council and Greater Manchester Police saw 24 illegal bikes confiscated in Little Hulton thanks to public reports of incidents while recently two bikes were confiscated in Pendleton.

Councillor David Lancaster, lead member for environment and community safety, said:



“At the moment complaints can come into the council via a number of routes including local councillors and social media. We need to collect all the reports at one central point, using our anti-social behaviour reporting form and then work at local level to take action. If we can gather that information and build up a picture of what’s happening when and where, we will be in a better position.

“Last year we had numerous complaints from residents in Little Hulton about noise, anti-social behaviour and reckless, dangerous driving of unlicensed bikes.

“Thanks to information from the public and partner organisations and our CCTV cameras we were able to build up detailed knowledge of what was happening when and where and identify the offenders.

“As a result of that, police were able to seize and destroy 24 illegal bikes and any social housing tenants involved were given a clear warning about breach of their tenancy agreement and the threat of eviction.

“Anti-social nuisance from off road bikes has gone down in that area – and I hope by using the same combination of public reports, CTV footage and partner support we can achieve the same success in other areas. Information is key to doing that.”


Councillor Lancaster said the council would also look at whether motorcycle access to green spaces across the city could be restricted without spoiling the enjoyment of legitimate cyclists.

Anyone who has any information about illegal motorbikes, quad bikes or scrambler bikes is asked to report it online using the council’s anti-social behaviour form even if they have already reported it https://contactus.salford.gov.uk/?formtype=ANTISB

You can see what information police and partners need to take action against those who ride off-road bikes illegally at www.gmp.police.uk/offroadbikes

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