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Peel Land and Property, Salford City Council and Trafford Borough Council, today jointly announced the opening of the new A57 road and lifting bridge at Barton and we were among the first to cross it.

The first vehicles used the bridge this afternoon after final approvals had been granted by the highways authority and Transport for Greater Manchester.  All outstanding works by the contractor, Hochtief Buckingham, were completed earlier this week, including safety checks.

Many had prayed that the end to the Bridge Madness came soon and it seems the big G was listening and a miracle granted.

The bridge was scheduled to open between 1pm and 2pm but opened a little before 3pm, but errrr better late than never? eh?

I was there of course, sat like an sore thumb awaiting the green light to drive across, and as soon as the lights hit green they ummm turned red again. But that never spoiled the fun as in the end we were 6th to go across the bridge and a mighty historic journey it was.

For years the people of Irlam and Cadishead have suffered huge problems with congestion, it is hoped this new crossing will help alleviate those issues and speed up journey times. Some however remain skeptical and think that it will have little impact on reducing what has become for many a nightly nightmare whilst trying to get in and out of the area.

In the end and without much of a real fanfare the bridge was declared 'OPEN' and cars were finally allowed to cross it, we did check for Trolls and Tolls and none were present so it seems safe enough, it is actually a really nice journey and i can see it cutting down times in and out of Trafford quite a lot, if Trafford actually deals with the problems around the Trafford Centre that is..

In welcoming the opening of the new road and bridge, a spokesperson for Peel Land and Property, said:


“Peel has been committed to improving the road infrastructure in and around Port Salford, the AJ Bell Stadium and TraffordCity for many years and, as a company, have invested £35 million into the new lifting bridge and extension of the A57 from Irlam.  We have been working closely alongside our contractors and colleagues in Salford and Trafford councils. We are delighted that today’s opening of the new bridge and road will form part of the highway network, benefitting the general public, local economy and community.”    

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett said:



“I am extremely pleased to announce the opening of the road and the lifting bridge today, after weeks of frustration and concern from residents in Irlam, Cadishead, Barton and the surrounding area, this is much welcomed news. 

“Salford City Council is still in discussions with Peel Land and Property over the liability for maintaining and operating the bridge but I’m pleased that Peel Land and Property has agreed a way forward with ourselves and Trafford Council, in the interests of local residents and our communities. My sympathies go out to the residents who have been inconvenienced, but I am confident we can now move forward in the interests of our residents.”


Councillor Sean Anstee, Leader of Trafford Council said: 


“I am delighted that the new A57 road and lifting bridge at Barton is finally going to be open to the public from Tuesday. Despite the fact that we have yet to reach agreement over liability for the future maintenance of the bridge, I am pleased that all parties have successfully worked together to ensure the necessary approvals are in place in time for the bridge to open before Christmas – great news for everyone involved, especially the local communities who have been anxiously waiting for this news.” 

The Vatican were asked for a comment but they blocked our calls and threatened us with legal action.

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