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Salford City Mayor has given the green light for the council to continue using renewable energy.

City Mayor Paul Dennett has signed a new two-year contract which will see the council use green electricity in all council-owned buildings.

The moves come a month after the council made a formal commitment to the UK100 network to commit to the use of 100 percent clean energy in Salford by 2050. 

The city joins over one hundred cities and local authorities across the country who have committed to cut carbon emissions.

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett said:



“In Salford, we are absolutely committed to providing clean energy by 2050. We have more than 100 photo-voltaic solar panels on the town hall roof to help cut our bills and carbon footprint. We also have solar panels on three schools thanks to funding raised by the community and we have electric cars for use by staff as they travel around the city.

“Salford is also the home to the UK’s only city-wide Carbon Literacy Consortium. It is important the clean energy message is spread far and wide across our city and we’re backing the Big Clean Switch campaign to encourage residents to switch to a clean energy supplier.

“By changing the way we use energy we will reduce emissions, make communities healthier and protect the planet for future generations. We’re playing our part in tackling climate change and reducing our carbon footprint.”


Residents can do their bit too and are encouraged to compare clean electricity tariffs and switch to renewable energy with ease at https://bigcleanswitch.org/gm/ - the average savings so far is over £300 a year.

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