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Two Men suffered head and neck injuries which fortunately are not thought to be life-threatening, one was taken to hospital as a precaution.

A two seat 'Super Stol' light aircraft crashed into a field on Chat Moss after a loss of engine power shortly after takeoff from City Airport (Barton) at around 3:12 pm this afternoon. 

Emergency services responded and both men were found a short distance from the aircraft suffering from head and neck injuries, one of them was taken to Salford Royal Hospital to be treated.

A spokesperson for City Airport told us:


"At 1512 hrs today a two seat ‘Super Stol’ aircraft made a precautionary landing into a field due to a loss of engine power.

"There were two persons in board who were able to self vacate the aircraft.

"The pilot has been taken to hospital as a precaution measure but there were no serious injuries reported.

"The Airfield Fire Service and local emergency services attended the location of the landing and secured the scene.”

Meanwhile, Paul Fearnhead posted a tweet on twitter from the scene of the crash.

Fortunately, the men had managed to self-rescue from the aircraft to a safe distance, they were both found conscious and breathing and were treated at the scene by paramedics.

Two pumps were dispatched from Eccles fire station along with one from Irlam which also provided an all-terrain vehicle to the incident.

Both the Air Ambulance and Hazardous Materials Response Team were both dispatched for aid in the incident but were not needed.

We wish both men a speedy recovery.

Photo: @fernyp1 Paul Fearnhead, Manchester Fire.

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