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Police are appealing for information following reports of a large group of bikers riding dangerously through the streets of Manchester. But members of the public are asking where were the police and why the riders were seemingly unchallenged and stopped?

Shortly after 7pm on Wednesday 31 October 2018, police received numerous reports that a group of between 50 and 100 people were driving off-road bikes as well as motorcycles and mopeds with identification plates removed in a dangerous manner across Trafford, Salford and the city centre. 

The 'Halloween Rideout' looks like it was filmed from a car which police are also keen to identify.

The video shared on social media is now being examined by the GMP, with many members of the public calling the riders irresponsible and dangerous for riding through red traffic lights and popping wheelies whilst taking up both sides of the road.

Video Link: View Video on Facebook

However some also asked "Where were the police and why were the bikers left unchallenged when many were blatantly breaking the law and driving in a dangerous manner which could have ended in someone being hurt?"

A police spokesperson said:


“We’ve been carrying out numerous lines of enquiries to identify the riders in the group who were seen to be driving irresponsibly. 

“Not all of the riders in the group drove recklessly, but those who did posed a real risk to themselves and members of the public. 

“This kind of behaviour is a genuine concern for many residents in Manchester, and I’d like to reassure the community that we are focused on tackling this issue and finding those responsible. 

“We will have extra officers on duty this evening and I would encourage the public to remain vigilant and to report any illegal activity to police right away.” 

Anybody with information is asked to contact police on 0161 856 5434 or 101 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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