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New teacher recruitment campaign launches ahead of World Teachers’ Day with the spotlight on the impact the profession has on young people today

A teacher from Godfrey Ermen Primary School in Eccles, Salford, is one of the stars featuring in a new national TV advert that aims to inspire people up and down the country to consider teaching as a career.

The advert – live on TV from this week - follows the journey of a girl named Abi, from her very first day of school as a nervous, wide-eyed four-year-old through to her last, leaving at 18 with the confidence to discover her place in the world.

The new film, created as part of the national Get Into Teaching campaign, features a cast of real teachers who highlight that teaching isn’t just about what young people become, but also who they become.

James Smith, a Primary teacher from Godfrey Ermen Primary School, features as one of the teachers in the advert, providing an authentic example of life as a teacher and the important interactions they have with the pupils they teach.

James Smith, a Primary teacher from Godfrey Ermen Primary School, said:



“The filming was a unique experience and I feel proud to be part of the recruitment campaign, as it celebrates the profession. I’ve been involved in teaching for over eight years now, and this film truly captures the impact we as teachers can have in shaping the lives of young people and setting them on the right path for the next part of their life. Like many careers, teaching comes with its challenges, but the reward of being a positive influence and seeing young people succeed, both inside and outside the classroom, is what motivates us every day. 

We have the opportunity, through every lesson, through every interaction, to inspire learning and help them discover who they really are – it’s priceless. And that is my favourite part of the job; that is why we love it.”


The advert will air across national TV in the commercial breaks of popular family shows such as Gogglebox and Coronation Street. It will appear on TV networks and video on demand between now and early summer next year, and in cinemas during this October. 

The launch of the campaign coincides with World Teachers’ Day (5 October) that also celebrates the efforts teachers make to education and the development of people.

Roger Pope, spokesperson for the Get Into Teaching campaign and a National Leader for Education, said:



“A passionate teacher can truly shape the lives of students, from the child they teach to the adult they become. We hope that our new advert, which captures this pupil-teacher relationship over the years, will convey the many rewards that a career in teaching can bring, for both graduates and potential career changers.

“As well as the emotional rewards, teaching is a profession that has fantastic prospects including opportunities for progression. It is also a flexible career that can take you to different locations and into different kinds of schools.

“There are no great schools without great teachers – that’s why we’re always looking for people with the passion and potential to teach.”


As part of the campaign, a series of free online and face-to-face Train to Teach events are taking place across the country to provide more information, guidance and support to those considering teaching. 

Individuals could get a £26,000 tax-free bursary to train as a teacher in selected subjects including science, computing, geography and languages.

For tailored advice and more information about teaching as a career and the upcoming events visit: https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk or call the Get Into Teaching line on 0800 389 2500.

Applications to start teacher training in September 2019 are due to open on 9 October.



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