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Staff at the McColl's store on Fiddlers Lane in Irlam were subjected to an armed robbery on Friday.

Staff at the McColl's Convenience Store on Fiddlers Lane in Irlam were subjected to an attack by two men on Friday 2nd March.

The two men entered the shop around 6.15pm; one stayed by the door to keep lookout whilst the other went up to the counter and made threats to staff with a large curved knife, demands were made to empty the money from the tills into a bag.

Both males then ran from the store into Windsor Avenue to a waiting car which was parked in Silver Street facing Windsor Avenue with no lights on.

A third getaway driver was in the driving seat. The two men jumped into the car and it sped off, with no lights on, turning left onto Windsor Avenue towards Silver Street.

Police do not know which way it turned onto Silver Street.

The car was either silver or a light colour.

One male is described as being white, about 5’4” tall, of slim build, wearing a black jacket and black joggers.

He was carrying a Bag for Life (freezer bag).

Were you in the area of Windsor Avenue/Silverdale Avenue/Silver Street around 6.15pm yesterday afternoon? Did you see the two males get into the car?

If you did do you know what make/model car it was and/or can you remember all or part of the registration?

If you can help in any way at all please ring 101 and quote Crime Number 056710f/18.

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