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Mike Pevitt retains Claremont for Labour

Mike Pevitt has retained Claremont for Labour after a pitiful 18.53% of the electorate turn out on the day.

The all important results are as follows...

Total number of valid ballot papers: 1544

Total number of spoiled ballot papers : 4

Total number of votes cast: 1550

Electorate: 8363

Percentage of turn out: 18.53%


Labour hold with a win for Mike Pevitt.

mikepevitt.jpgMike Pevitt : 718 votes

charlottewoods.jpgCharlotte Woods : 447 votes

maryferrer.jpgMary Ferrer :  171 votes

steflorenz.jpgStef Lorenz : 162 votes

danieltowers.jpgDaniel Towers : 46 votes

The political makeup of the Council remains unchanged 

Labour 50

Conservative 9

Liberal Democrats 0

Independent 1


Photo: @gina4langworthy

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