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Found 12 results

  1. As local services are increasingly put under pressure from cuts and the fate of children's nurseries in the City hang in the balance, Salford Council is proposing another loan, this time a staggering £670,000 to CoSCos, the company that is in charge of operating the stadium. This number would double to £1.34m after partner Peel Holdings matches the loan funding. The council claims that the money will come not from money earmarked for other services but from money gained as a result of the successful profit that stadium has made over the year. Some however argue that the company is not a viable success if it has to rely on continual top up loans from the money it pays back in order to carry on operating and that the money would be better used propping up other services that are under pressure. CoSCos, which is jointly owned by the council and Peel Holdings, is responsible for managing the stadium and the land around it. Salford City Council says its long-term plans to regenerate the area and bring jobs and new opportunities to the site are firmly on track and the loan will protect those long-term plans. Peel Holdings will match the loan, if approved. Deputy City Mayor John Merry said: The decision, on whether to advance a £670,000 loan to CoSCos will be made by the council’s Cabinet on Tuesday 11 September.
  2. As nervous Salford students awaken to discover their GCSE results this morning, it has been revealed that there has been an increase of 2% on last years grades with 56% of pupils achieving good GCSE passes in both English and Mathematics. Councillor Lisa Stone, lead member for children’s and young people’s services at Salford City Council, said: Congratulations to all students on their results, if you did not get the results you wanted then don't worry too much, there are many options still available to you. For advice on what to do next please see www.thestudentroom.co.uk/gcse/gcses-results-day-guidance for advice and if you’re looking for college courses or training options please see UCAS progress www.ucasprogress.com/search
  3. Police have been made aware that between Tuesday 14 August 2018 and Friday 17 August 2018 there had been a break-in at Scene, the Salford Food Bank on Mocha Parade. It was reported that thieves had stolen over £2,000 worth of groceries from six pallets, mainly containing nappies from the Aldi brand Mamia, and sanitary products set for people who use the food bank. Police have launched an investigation and are appealing for anyone with any information to get in touch as soon as possible. Superintendent Howard Millington from GMP’s Salford borough said: Yesterday (20 August) City Mayor Paul Dennett slammed the ‘despicable’ thieves who broke into a Salford food bank to take nearly £2,500 worth of sanitary products and nappies donated for local women and children. The items had been donated by the Aldi supermarket to help women on low incomes facing monthly period poverty. They were due to be distributed today but staff and volunteers found the Mocha Parade storage unit in Lower Broughton had been broken into and cleaned out. The thieves had also tried to break into the nearby food bank but failed to gain entry. Mayor Dennett said he was both furious and heartbroken at the news. He said: Chief Officer Tom Togher, from Salford Citizen’s Advice which helped secure the donation, said staff burst into tears when they heard the news. Salford City Council is arranging new, more secure storage for the food bank and has set up a collection point at the Civic Centre for anyone who wants to help replace some of the stolen items. Items can be donated anytime between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday. The crime has been reported to the police. If you are offered any of these items, do the right thing and contact the police, this surely has to be one a new low for Salfords Criminals and they have targeted a charity that serves the most in need section of society. Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 0161 856 1319, alternatively call police on 101 or call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Photo: Deputy City Mayor Councillor Paula Boshell and Gemma Griffin of Salford Citizen's Advice with the donated goods before they were stolen.
  4. KARL


    Following the launch of a digital survey we have received close to 2000 responses from supporters looking to aid the growth of the club. The digital survey has now closed and the club are moving forward to the next stage of the project, which will involve face to face consultation with supporters and focus groups. To register your interest in involvement in this next stage please fill out the form below. Supporters will be selected at random and then contacted in due course. Participants must be available for 24th May from 3:30pm.
  5. Salford Red Devils are set to launch an initiative with supporters to create a charter governing acceptable behaviour at the AJ Bell Stadium. Preliminary analysis of the recent digital survey highlighted growing concerns among supporters towards a tiny minority displaying anti-social behaviour, and the Club have taken this information very seriously. Over the coming weeks the Club will be reaching out to fans and asking them to get together to shape the family-friendly environment that they are asking for. With this in mind, following incidents at the Challenge Cup game v Hull KR the Club has now banned two supporters from the stadium. These supporters have been notified that they are no longer welcome at the AJ Bell Stadium with immediate effect. A spokesman said: “The findings are extremely interesting, our fans have told us that they are fed up with having to tolerate the anti-social actions of a tiny minority and that they feel their unacceptable behaviour is a factor in keeping supporters away. “At a time when we are actively working to increase our audience it’s clear that our supporters want us to give them the tools to turn the AJ Bell Stadium into a family environment. “We want you, the fans, to dictate what behaviour you deem to be acceptable around your families and children. These kids are our legacy, the supporters of the future and what you decide now will directly affect the safe and enjoyable way they get to view the game in the coming years. “After events at the Million Pound Game and scenes at Huddersfield Giants last season, pictures of which went around the world and tarnished our name, the Red Devils’ Fan’s Charter will be the first step for our loyal audience to show this minority what they believe to be acceptable behaviour in this stadium.”
  6. A petition on change.org is asking Salfordian's to sign it and get behind a push to try and prevent the club from changing its name by dropping the Salford in favour of Manchester. The club has not made any official statement regarding a name change but rumour is rife that a recent fact finding survey is looking into the possibility of reaching out to other areas within Greater Manchester in order to bolster dwindling support for the club. The petition is linked bellow so please feel free to sign it.
  7. If you are out and about on Salford Precinct this afternoon around 2:00pm - 2:30pm then don't be surprised if you run into Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn who will be in the region on his campaign trail, popping over to Salford show support for local MP Rebecca Long-Bailey in the General Election. It is expected that Jeremy will say It's not yet clear if Mr Corbyn will be popping into a charity shop to check out their fashionable summer cardigan range or even if he will grab a veggie pasty from our quality Gregg's, but lets hope like the NHS he can avoid May's Pawn Shop eh? (I'll get my own bleedin coat). So if you're a fan, a labour party member or just want to impress the kids with a photo by telling them you met Obiwan Kenobi then head on down there and listen to what he has to say about the state of the economy, the decimation of the NHS and the Labour parties plans for how to get the best deal for the people from Brexit.
  8. Salford's FAMOUS Red Devils have today launched a fan survey to determine the reasons for dwindling support from local Salford folks. Click Here For The Survey Speculation has been mounting on social media over the past few weeks after it was rumoured that the club may opt to reach out to a larger fan base by dropping the Salford link from its name. The wonderful chaps at Salford Star also highlighted it in this Article which describes how fans unfurled a banner at the match to send a message to Marwan. As would be expected this caused outrage from loyal Salford fans who have stuck with the club through the good times and the bad times. The very thought of our beloved and much cherished local club dropping the name of the City it was founded in was just simply outrageous. The club is currently known as Salford Red Devils, before 1995, the club was known simply as Salford, from 1995-98 Salford Reds and from 1999-2013 Salford City Reds. The key word here being SALFORD. So far any such change remains just a rumour, as nothing has been posted to suggest that a name change is on the cards. However some of the questions being asked about heritage give cause for concern as can be seen bellow. More than one of these questions would suggest they are testing the water at the least so as to gain an insight as to what the fans reaction would be. The very thought of the club (which has carried the Salford name since 1873) dropping Salford from its name to try and attract fans from other areas within Greater Manchester is just too much of an insult to its loyal fans to take seriously. It would be utter stupidity to even consider as the backlash would be immense, the one thing that Salford folks hate more than anything is to see the City's name fading into obscurity. Personally speaking I for one seriously hope these ARE just rumours and nothing more. The club does need more support, it has suffered over the years from problems with transport links into Barton, which were further setback when the planned second access point via trafford took a turn for the worst after the new lifting bridge at Barton collapsed last year. Motorway roadworks in the area have further impacted on travel which has caused issues for some, but over the past year or so much has been done to try and alleviate the problem. For others the move from the Willows to its present site in Irlam, along with the re-branding of what was Salford City Stadium to the A.J. Bell Stadium did not help matters either as many think it lost a lot of its identity. Of course there are also those who really don't like current boss Dr Marwan Koucash who is a little like Marmite for some fans, you either love him or you hate him. If we are being honest the whole shenanigans involving £164,000, Ian Stewart, Martin Vickers and match day expenses also left a bad taste in the mouths of some, myself included. Alas our local Rugby club is as much a part of our City identity and heritage as our industrial past, our broad no nonsense northern twang and Tony Flynn's annual magical history pub crawl/tour around Eccles (Coming Soon). It still to this day remains a huge part of our City, something most of us are proud of and want to see continue and flourish in the Super League. It has a loyal and loving core following of fans and although not the biggest club in the UK it most certainly has the most passionate of fans who follow the club hail, rain and sunshine and through thick and thin. So please fill in the survey bellow, let them know what the club means to Salford, tell them its OURS and that Manchester can keep their grubby mitts off it. So get down there and take your kids to a game, its great fun and the atmosphere is fantastic. Lets make #makesalfordgreatagain The survey takes a few minutes out of your time to fill in and gives them feedback on what you would like to see improved, altered and even ditched. So please please fill it in. Plus it would also save me having to alter the branding box above, so save me the bother and do me a solid here as I am getting on a bit. https://www.salfordreddevils.net/red-devils-launch-fans-survey/
  9. KARL


    The attack happened shortly before 7pm on Sunday 23 April 2017 on waste land near to Bedford Avenue in Walkden.  The victim, a woman in her 30s, was walking two when a man approached her and asked her for the time.  He then grabbed her and pulled her into some trees where he threatened her with a knife and ordered her to hand over her jewellery.   The attacker then tried to rape the woman who bravely fought him off before running away. The offender is described as white, of stocky build, in his mid-30s and was wearing a black baseball cap, black tracksuit and white Nike trainers with a white tick on them.  Detective Sergeant Mark Toker, of GMP’s Salford borough, said: “Since this incident was reported to police we have carried out extensive enquiries and have now managed to produce an efit.  “We are treating this extremely concerning incident as a priority and I would urge anybody who believes they recognise the person pictured to contact police.  “We are also continuing to appeal for a number of potential witnesses to come forward.  “Just before the attack took place, the woman passed a number of people in the field including a family, an elderly couple and some teenagers on bikes.  “These people are not in any trouble but they may have key information which could help us with this case.”  Anyone with any information should call 0161 856 8361, quoting incident number 2002 of 23/04/17, or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.
  10. At around 7.20pm on Monday 17 April 2017 officers attended a house on Blackburn Street, Trinity and found the body of a man. The man, who has since been formally identified as 61-year-old Giorgio Roncari - also known as Guiseppi - suffered injuries which officers are treating as suspicious. Paying tribute to him, Giorgio’s family said: “It is a great loss of a twin brother with a big heart, a protective and loving uncle, a brother-in-law who was like a brother. Officers are continuing to appeal for anyone who has information to come forward. Detective Inspector Andy Butterworth of GMP’s Major Incident Team, said: “While Giorgio’s family are dealing with the extremely painful news, we are investing our time in actively searching for those responsible for his death. As always, if you have information you can contact the investigative team directly or if you would prefer, you can remain anonymous. Each piece of information will be dealt with the strictest confidence and however small you may think it is, it may prove to be significant in understanding what happened to Giorgio. Anyone with information should contact police on 0161 856 5351 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.
  11. Detectives are investigating the death of a man at a house in Salford. At around 7.20pm on Monday 17 April 2017 officers attended a house on Blackburn Street, Trinity and found the body of a man. The man, who has since been formally identified as 61-year-old Giuseppi Roncari from Italy, suffered injuries which officers are treating as suspicious. A Home Office Post Mortem Examination was conducted however, the exact cause of his death is yet to be ascertained. Officers have launched a murder investigation and are appealing for anyone who has information to come forward. Detective Inspector Andy Butterworth of GMP’s Major Incident Team, said: “In this extremely sad set of circumstances, I’d like to extend my condolences to Giuseppi’s family and all those affected by his death. “We need people with information about his death to contact us so we can provide answers for his family who will have to deal with this traumatic news. “There is someone out there who knows what has happened to him but has not yet come forward. “We are actively searching for the person, or persons, responsible so, if you know something and you see this, now is your opportunity. You have the chance to do the right thing. “There will be extra officers in the area this evening and I’d like to encourage anyone who has any concerns to speak to one of them or, if you would like to remain anonymous, you can also contact Crimestoppers.” Anyone with information should contact police on 0161 856 5351 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.
  12. KARL


    Local man Kyle Smith who was recently made unemployed has taken to social media to try and change what he see's as a broken political system in Salford. He is hoping to make huge waves in the murky political pond that is Salford and change things for the better. Others have tried in the past and failed so he has his work cut out. The task will be a hard one what with the huge majorities that the local Labour MP's have within Salford but he has hopes that he can gain support amongst local people and that they will back his grass roots campaign and catapult him into power. Just 2 Years ago local celebrity maraca shaking dance sensation 'Bez' of Happy Mondays fame threw his hat into the ring and failed to make a dent in the Labour Armour. Kyle is hoping to buck the trend and is calling upon the people of Salford to spring into action to support him so he can bring the Labour behemoth to its knees. On his Facebook page he asks If anyone could even donate £1 towards the £500 I need to have to be eligible for the ballot - I would be hugely grateful. https://www.gofundme.com/kyle-smith-mp-salford-and-eccles Kyle's facebook page can be reached at https://www.facebook.com/takesalfordback/ so you can keep up with events in his campaign. We wish him luck.

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